9 Best DIY Shelves for a Stylish Home

DIY Shelves

First, DIY wall shelves are a creative storage solution that fulfills decorative desires and saves much of the floor space. Second, these unique pieces are hardly available at your local furniture store. Third, most householders try out their DIY art and give rise to numerous kinds of functional shelves.

Home organization is great fun and distinct shelves allow you to showcase your DIY talent in the best way possible.

So keep reading this amazing piece of writing if you want to explore unique DIY shelf ideas, ranging from charming rustic options to super-modern choices.

These DIY shelves can do well for every room in your home - family room, kitchen, dining, office, bedroom, or hallway. Let’s have a glance.

Floating DIY Shelves

Wherever you display geometric shapes, they have the potential to catch your attention even from miles. For this reason, interior designers never miss those polygonal shapes on shelves, whether made of wood, metal plastic, or concrete. Usually, triangular floating shelves look splendid on the walls. Therefore, they are the best option to keep playthings, plant pots, different gadgets, or jars. The objects placed on the triangle shelf further enhance the beauty and grandeur of the wall and shelf.

Corner DIY Shelf

Until now you have got a clear idea that DIY shelving units of various sizes and shapes boost the elegance of space and hold many necessary items. These displayed objects could occupy a lot of floor space, but corner shelves have beautifully solved the problem.

The shelves fitted in the corner are mostly triangular, and you need not follow straight lines strictly. The elegant displays can be vases, books, and plants growing in earthen pots. They look stunning in any room and hook your guests’ attention in no time.

Want to materialize a DIY corner shelf in your living room? Don’t forget to splash white paint on the wooden pieces.


Bookshelves are essential for every home, if not for every room. Moreover, they whisper your literary taste and invite you to pick an inspirational book from the bookcase. Sitting at home, you explore numerous secrets of the world you are residing in. Such a fantastic book collection interprets your personality and helps others (family members and visitors) develop a book reading taste.

These days, an adjustable perforated DIY shelf system is in great demand. This modular shelving system looks attractive on the walls and can carry anything other than books.

Each set comprises two shelves but it lets an effortless connection system add accent and expand storage at the same time.

Diamond Cross Planes Shelf

As the name indicates, this state-of-the-art shelf with a metallic frame and three tiers acts as a gem of interior design. This geometric pattern is superb and offers plenty of room for books, small potted plants, and tiny decorative pieces. That's why homeowners are particularly fascinated with this functional idea that serves double a purpose - a fantastic storage tool and an impressive interior decoration!

Hexagonal Wooden Shelves

A hexagonal shelf is another exceptional DIY shelf design idea that takes modern interior decoration to the next level. Whoever opts for this wonderful, fresh honeycomb, geometry-themed shelf pattern will surely be receiving appreciative comments from his guests.

Among myriads of shelf patterns, one can never neglect this super design!

Adorable Hanging Box Shelf

This hanging box shelf is itself an admirable, minimalist interior design idea. Attached to it is a natural rope that allows you to hang this graceful, storage box at any place. In my opinion, you should transform the look and feel of your dining room by hanging this exquisite, DIY shelf.

Place some crockery items in it. At the same time, uplift their charm with a beautiful green plant rooted in an earthen pot painted white.

Marvelous Tree Trunk Table Shelf

You will be amazed to see that two circular slices of the same tree fitted on a metallic frame can build an enchanting table. Now, place fresh green plants on each slice of the trunk and ensure a big fraction of nature in your home. Lastly, place this cheerful part of nature by the window where it can capture a pretty good amount of light to thrive well.

Another perfect option is to keep it in front of a wall mirror to double the image and maximize your room’s beauty and grandeur!

Cute Square DIY Shelves

Firstly, the attention-grabbing square shelves can accumulate a lot of stuff in their thick and attractive frames. Secondly, you are free to place the household articles on top and inside the square shelves. You must spare one square for your picture frames and exhibit anything you want in other squares.

This set is available in three sizes, commonly in white and specifically in a black hue.

Can you imagine, it can look spectacular in bright yellow?

White DIY Shelves

White shelves are the most delicate and artistic addition to home décor. Whether you display an eye-catching combination of family photos, well-tended plants, or treasured souvenirs, will uplift interior design. For a truly gorgeous display, don’t miss meaningful books to decorative figurines and showcase your refined personality and taste.

To install fabulous white shelves in your room, it would be better if you could sprinkle white paint on the walls.

Wrap Up

Consequently, DIY shelves are no less than a magical tool that increases the functionality of your home. Have you gone through all the captivating DIY shelving units narrated above?

Please let us know in the comment section which adorable idea you want to opt for.

Photo by Vadim Karpov on Unsplash

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