4 Major Disadvantages of a House without Insulation

Homes are insulated for the wealth of benefits. One greatest benefit is the comfort and protection from intense heat and cold outside.

Reduction in energy bills is still another advantage.

Insulation also proves beneficial for the environment, which is getting warmer with every passing day.

The most important insulation places are the exterior walls and attic, which acquire direct sunlight and receive cruel storms.

In short, house insulation brings a lot of health and financial benefits to you.

But what about the homes that end up the heating in blazing summer without insulation.

In the present article, we will discuss the disadvantages of a house without insulation.

Heat Loss

Heat generally flows from high-temperature levels (outside) to the lower ones (inside).

Harsh wintertime requires attic insulation essentially to prevent this heat loss.

Without insulation, heat will flow from the furnace or heater to the colder areas of the home like garages, attics, basements, and mudrooms.

Almost 40% of your home’s heat gets lost through the attic!

Loss of Cool Air

During summer, the opposite phenomenon happens.

The cool air moves to the warmer areas.

So, the air conditioning system sends cold air to the intensely heated up attic in summer.

Without house insulation, especially in the attic, the homeowners will face an uphill battle throughout the summer.

So, your home’s cooling system will have to consume more power to cool the interior, leading to costly energy bills in the long run.

Diminish Property Value

In modern times, the buyers have more inclination to energy-efficient homes for which they are ready to pay heavy amounts.

The old dwellings lack or have a poor insulation system in the attic that decreases their property value considerably.

That’s why modern homeowners prefer to establish quality insulation in their homes to avoid temperature fluctuations and gain a high return on investment! From here, you can guess why the house without insulation is at a loss!

Moisture Collection

Often the home with poor or no insulation gathers an increased quantity of moisture in their attics.

This moisture damages roof, attic, and walls’ durability. It builds a breeding ground for mold, fungus, and mildew.

With accumulated moisture in the attic during winter, ice dams are more likely to be formed.

To remove those ice dams, you require professional help!

From the above narration, you might have picked the idea that attic insulation has become the need of the hour.

A house without insulation will have to tolerate so much energy loss, along with increased power bills.

So don’t leave your sweet home without insulation!

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